Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An Autumn Austen Tea- day three

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Well, an interesting development has saved me from myself.

I was wondering what I was doing having a tea when I had not really truly prepared enough for it.

Today's schedule was getting so busy, with Bible study tonight and the children's schoolwork project, and then the sewing I wanted to do (and I don't' even know which box it is in!) before hand. And I wanted to experiment with the menu before I served it! A pre-flight on those new scones was in order. The teething baby does not speed things along either!

And I want to bake my dad's birthday cake tomorrow.

Mrs. John Dashwood was giving me advice... I think she knew that I was headed for a rushed three days.

"I'm sure they had no idea of you giving them a full tea party with food!"
"They'll have tea and milk among themselves as it is, what on earth could four women want for more than that?"

Well, Miss Anne Elliot called this morning and said they were indisposed with a cold. Though they were not coughing for their own amusement, they were coughing enough to cancel all engagements. So we have re-scheduled for a later date.

All things work together for good. Now things can be done even better than they would have been. I can even try out some of the recipes that are make ahead and freeze, which will save me that last minute frenzied rush. Maybe I will get my sewing project finished after all! Maybe Baby's tooth will be in. OH, and, most importantly, Miss Elliot has found some friends that she procured an invitation for. To meet someone else in my area who knows who Jane Austen is will be delightful!
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