Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Hello RV


We were able to rent another RV, another Montana 5th wheel. It was not as long as the other but newer than the last one. It had been sitting a while, under a shelter, but had picked up a packrat in the storage bay which we had to evict. Fun times.

(I will always say "packrat" but technically it's a wood rat, I think.)

I cannot find a picture of the kitchen, which was quite a stylish one with a black countertop, although less roomy than the other Montana. The new RV made us feel like we had moved into a fancy hotel suite.

 This one had more furniture, which meant some shorter people could sleep up off the floor on a chair or two. We still had to have sleeping bags on the floor for the others. I felt bad that one of the boys opted to sleep on the kitchen floor to have more room! You always feel like the grandchildren will hear stories someday such as "When I was a kid, I slept on the kitchen floor..." and judge you.

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