Friday, April 9, 2021

Cast Iron Beauty

Lots of photos for you today. I wanted to get this into one post since this all happened in one afternoon.
Beautiful, isn't it? I found it on Craigslist one day, and for a good price. The seller had tried it as a garden tub for an out-door bathing experience, but the bees were a problem.
A quick call and all my fine fellows assembled to help me get it home.
Good ol' minivan. The consensus was that this tub weighed 400 pounds. Not sure about that but it kept that reputation for a long time. It is just one of the items that I can brag on my minivan for carrying without complaint.
A nice steady rain was falling; just in time for carrying a smooth, heavy tub around.
Observe this group carrying the tub up this hill; this scene will occur again many times, with other objects. (Too bad that the van never was able to make it up the driveway.)
All ready to hoist it 3-4 feet up onto the deck, then into the house.
And there it is in all its vintage wonderfulness, and deepness, ah just to think of soaking away stress in it! But I will not get your hopes up. Sighs abound just looking at the photo, but for more than one reason now. In all the time that this tub was on the premises, I never got to use it. That is a story for another, far-off day so you will have to check back in the future!

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