Monday, April 20, 2020


When I list all the things that were gone from grocery store shelves in the past two months, I come up with flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, eggs, oil and maple syrup. Hmm... what can you make with all that? Guess my area has a lot of pancake lovers. Haven't seen a shortage of butter yet, though... it's nice to think that people are enjoying baking. 

Lots of things happening in the sunshine! I see more people out cleaning their yards. I see kids playing out in the sunshine that were used to being cooped up in a classroom this time of year. I'm sure it's motivating to get your schoolwork done if you can go and play! No long school bus ride to get to your own yard. And no one thinks your kid is truant or un-socialized. 

Front porches are getting used the way they ought to! My neighbor is very creative-- she asked for a front porch concert. So we got out the fiddles and played to the neighbors, who put out their lawn chairs by the street. I've heard of more than one front-porch church service. The bigger the porch the better-- I believe every house should have a porch wide enough to fit a table and chairs. Dining al-fresco is a lovely idea. 

I see creativity and people getting to projects done that they have been putting off. Honey-do lists are getting shortened. I wonder when some of that extra time will trickle down to me???


Mrs.O said...

Oh, and yeast! I just can't seem to find yeast. I had the same thoughts, so nice to think of ladies baking!
I pray front porch sitting remains.

Lillibeth said...

Yes! I am a believer in front porches:)
I am so glad I had a big Costco package of yeast... I got it last year and it's still pretty full. Wish I had the Costco flour to go with it! I was able to get organic bread at the bread outlet today so even though it's not as tasty as homemade, it'll do.

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