Saturday, July 11, 2015

2015 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Here are a very few photos of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this morning. Quilts were hung all over the town, from porches, balconies, and buildings.

 There were 1,400 quilts on display. I only saw a small portion of them, I'm sure!

 The town was teeming with people. You could hear a low hum of many hundreds (maybe thousands) of voices. I didn't snap too many photos because it was hard to get close to some of the quilts. There were so many beautiful and intricate quilts.  I liked the one above, with the scalloped edges.

 Here is one in bright, new colors.

 The quilt on the left (the large nine-patch) is very do-able, and a good way to use up a stash of fabrics.

 This quilt was very detailed, richly embroidered, with lots of jewels sewn on too!

 This Oregon Trail quilt is so charming! Click to see larger photo.

 The colors really pop on this quilt. It was interesting to pause and study it, to note how the pattern takes your eyes traveling in one direction, then in another.

 This is a striking quilt.

I'm not really enthralled with modern quilts, but there is a lot to learn from them, from the different ways to use scraps, to simplified construction and new ways of quilting. I liked the colors on this one, and I think if the stripes were continued all the way across the quilt, it would make a sweet, homey quilt to put on a twin bed.

I wonder if planning and making quilts like these take as much time and patience as building a house?
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