Monday, August 11, 2014

Scrappy Placemat

I was pleased to acquire some fabric sample folders over the last few years, and have made many little projects with them.

The swatches are already in pinked perfect squares or rectangles, so the only thing to do is remove them and sew-- on this project, there was no pattern cutting required! However, it is a puzzle to piece since the swatches are not all the same size. I used this as a beginner project to teach some patchwork and quilting.

These fabrics are rather wild-- but make a bright placemat for a child's breakfast bowl to rest upon!

The stash was raided to find a perfect print to make a coordinating cloth napkin from.

Decorative stitches were used to quilt and hem. It is fun to use all the decorative stitches you want to quilt each patch-- sometimes those fancy machine stitches go un-used for years!

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