Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July!

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Happy Independence Day! One of my favorite holidays. 

While researching music for the 4th of July, I came across some fascinating information on songs of  the Revolutionary era. We all know about Yankee Doodle, but there were more songs that were being sung at the time, sung from the British to mock the Colonists and then turned around again from the Colonists to answer the British! Sort of a war of words-- in song. 

Along the way, I learned some new tunes, and some history hitherto unknown to me.  For instance,  I don't recall reading the document of the Continental Association of the First Continental Congress in my history books-- but it helped me understand why fish were mentioned in some of those songs.!

I haven't had the time to compile this into a smooth study, but  here are the links in case one of my readers would like to use them to make their own study:

Article about music of Washington's time (extensive):

Rabbit trails from the above link: Pachabel in America?:

Contiental Association original document:

Music for the tunes mentioned in the article: 
YouTube for "Heart of Oak"

Maggie Lauder sheet music:
Original tune Maggie Lauder (by the Corries-- just to hear the tune, but maybe to hear the Corries, too!)

The World Turned Upside Down music YouTube:

More music selections (lyrics)

Links to songs of the time:

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