Sunday, June 22, 2014

When Life hands you Cherries, and Raspberries, and Strawberries...

...make lemonade!

Hulled strawberries, raspberries fresh off the vine, pitted and sliced cherries,combined with lemon juice, sugar syrup and blended (I love my immersion blender!), mmmm. 
 No recipe here, no measurements-- use what you have on hand and make it "to taste."

Serve over ice, add sparkling water. 

This calls for some fancy glasses-- and ice cubes! You can strain it if you like, though that is a lot of trouble (the glass on the right in the above photo holds the strained lemonade). If you leave it "rustic," give it a stir before serving-- the seeds will settle to the bottom but you want the good stuff all throughout:)
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