Monday, January 28, 2013

The Rules

By The Pleasant Times' Etiquette Lady, Miss Rose

There are certain rules to life that used to be just floating around in the air we breathed. Unfortunately, due to climate change, these rules are no longer present in large quantities in the air, and have been so diminished and diluted that society will have to start issuing them in print as a reminder. Here is one of the most neglected rules, appertaining to the purity and sacredness of marriage:

Rule #1
Men and Women should Not live together before Marriage.

This used to be called living in sin.

Rule #1a A couple who are living in sin should be gently corrected by their families and friends.

Rule #1b
An unrepentant couple who are living together before marriage should not:
  •  Plan large, far-off in the future weddings, but should get married as quickly as possible.
  • Ask people to buy them wedding gifts, since they have already set up housekeeping together.
  • The Bride should not wear white (no matter what the new experts say it symbolizes now, it meant purity and still does in most people's minds).

Rule #1c
Couples that listen to correction, repent, and live chastely apart until the wedding may have Rule #1b amended.

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