Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy End Of The World Day

Happy End of the World Day!

I would like to interest everyone in the idea of a new holiday, much like Christmas in that it is internationally recognized so everyone benefits from it, but formal observations are optional according to your personal beliefs.

Since the End of the World is happening so often (remember last year?), we may as well make it a holiday and let everyone off of work. That way, instead of quitting their jobs for the end of the world, folks could just have the day off. When the End of the World fails to come to pass, those who believed it can just go back to work the next day (or the next Tuesday, as we all like those 3-day-"weekends") and not lose their jobs over it. Post office workers will enjoy an extra break, and countries will benefit from the tourist dollars (as the End of the World usually requires some travel).  Card companies, florists, etc. will benefit from the holiday, which will boost the economy. Joann's will have a new reason for a fantastic fabric sale and coupons.

I do ask that it not be set so close to Christmas-- those Mayans sure did choose an  inconvenient time of year to end things!
See you Saturday.
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