Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Summer of Store-Bought Clothes

Editor's note: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this post-- they just take my money, that's all. 

I'm sure most of my readers have seen these clothing in the stores long before I did, but in case you live up in the hills or out on the farm, and don't get into town too often (or maybe you are like me and would rather make it yourself, and don't shop for clothing), let me alert you to the fact that there are modest, affordable, and pretty clothing to be had NOW!

I know finding decent clothing is difficult for many of you, as I have read comments on other people's blogs about the lack of pretty, modest clothing, or the lack of sewing skills to make them. When you find something just right in the stores (not too low, not too tight, not too short), snap it up because the styles may change next year, and you won't see the likes of these items for another ten years.

These are what I call "classic" styles, for those of us who don't want to follow the fads.
It's been a while since I have purchased ready-made clothing, but as this summer is so busy, I am glad that there is something out there I can buy to replenish my wardrobe until I can sew again.
A note about hem lengths in these photos:  my dress form has become tired of standing up straight and tall, and would rather sink and shirk. Most of these outfits are mid-calf to ankle-length. 
 At a NW store, Bi-Mart, this smocked sundress comes in several colors and prints, and some with an embroidered hem. This is paired with a crocheted bolero from Chadwick's catalog. 

At Costco: very long tiered skirts with many details such as cotton lace and a ruffled hem. These are rayon. 

These come in several colors. Costco also carries these t-shirts with a lace overlay.
The lace helps take the t-shirt up from the "blah" level; it also helps to have a texture so that the shirt doesn't seem so cling-y.

Same skirt with another crocheted sweater from Chadwick's catalog.

Long denim cotton skirt from Chadwick's. (Just pulled it out of the package so it is a bit wrinkled!)

Yoke detail on the skirt.

I went to Walmart to get t-shirts since they were around $4 each.  I noticed the selection varied from store to store in my area. I like these printed t-shirts because if I have to buy t-shirts, at least I can find some that aren't so plain that they look like a t-shirt. I did buy some solid colors, but I prefer the prints.
Walmart had white broom-stick skirts, but they weren't easy to find. They were right in the middle of the clothing dept., so you had to wind your way through all the junk to find them, The great thing about a basic white skirt for summer is that when it has outlived it's usefulness as an outer garment, you can wear it as a petticoat. 
 The printed shirts are nicer than the solid ones for mothers-- just the thing for when junior spills his juice on mom!

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