Thursday, March 15, 2012

"...if she might go to live at your house..."

I posted about my co-ownership of a new doll a while back. I was thinking my ongoing quest for an 18" doll probably made a boring post, as not many people would have the same interest in dolls as I do, but someone might find it amusing! I went on with other things, thinking that, with the doll from the craft store,  I could at last put to rest the 20+-year dream of owning one of those Pleasant Company dolls.

Last week, I got a package in the mail from another blogger. I opened it up and saw some pink fabric, and thought "how nice! I'll bet it's a pretty dress or something she wanted to pass on." There was a card, so I read it before unloading the box. It said:

"After reading your last blog post, 
our Samantha doll asked 
(very politely, of course) 
if she might go live at your house..."

you can imagine that I was

I unwrapped the yards of pink fabric, and I simply could not believe it.

Lest I should lose my speech permanantly with the shock of it, I went a few seconds later and found someone I could tell about it. My powers of speech were still a bit lost, though, so I just thrust the note out and had them read it for themselves.

I just could not believe that someone would let Samantha go! It was such a sweet gesture! I was well assured that Samantha came from a family of doll-lovers and collectors who wanted to share of their plenty.
I still can hardly believing it! After all these years, I just can't believe that Samantha is sitting here looking at me.

Samantha wrote them a note a few days later telling them of her safe arrival. I'm so glad she wanted to come and live with me, and I think she'll be very happy here:)

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