Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Scrappy Sewing Machine Cover

I am still eyeing my scraps for little projects. It was high time my sewing machine had a new cover, so I decided to pull out a few florals and fun fabrics and see what I could do.
It isn't very stiff, but it is lined and quilted. It is mainly to keep the dust out of the machine, not that it gets too dusty nowadays:) I didn't use a pattern, but made it in shape like a wide paper bag that I could pop on the top of my machine.
 Here is my own "fabric" that I sewed up for the cover.

One of the fun things I did was to recycle a blouse that had little ruffles on the front. I cut squares from the ruffled part.

Here are a few of my "make do" quilting items:

I'm not sure what this one would be called-- maybe a block sorting book!  I wanted to keep all of my block layouts in order. Even though I tried to keep the project "scrappy" looking, I did plan out where which piece would go. So I took some flannel yardage I had in the stash, and folded it up. I placed each block layout between a fold in the flannel.
 As I sewed up each block, I could turn a flannel "page" and go to the next set of pieces.

Here is my "quilting wall!"
As I finished each block and pressed it, I wanted to keep it in some kind of order. Here is the cover pinned to my "wall" which is just a sheet thrown over some storage drawers.

Despite my calculations, I was a couple inches short, so I had to add a pink strip to the sides/corners. That meant I could use yet another pink print!

I loved the print in the center-- it went well with many of my scraps.
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