Monday, September 5, 2011

So Delicious!

Apple Blackberry Plum Punch

We are enjoying extending our cool treats into the late summer heat wave. Here is today's refreshment-- and oh, boy, is it good! It is also a good way to use up plums when it is too hot out to make jam or pies.
I cannot give exact measurements because this was a "thrown together" thing, but here are the ingredients:

Pureed red plums (with skins on)
Pureed frozen blackberries (I've been freezing the blackberries as we pick them, as it is too hot to make jam. I suppose fresh would do but it is nice to have the extra cooling factor of frozen berries!)
Apple Juice
Simple Syrup (optional, depending on your sweet tooth)
Ginger Ale

Place ice in your punchbowl or pitcher, enough to fill 1/3 of the vessel.
Puree the blackberries, adding enough apple juice to help it smooth out nicely in the blender. Strain if you don't want the seeds.
Puree the plum slices. You may strain out the skins but it takes a while. You could peel them but the skin makes a nice tart flavor.
Mix the two purees in the pitcher; if it is too tart, add some simple syrup (sugar + water) to get it to your liking.
Add some ginger ale for a nice fizz-- I added 2 small cans to a gallon of the juice mixture.

Ladle it out into fancy glasses and enjoy!

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