Saturday, February 12, 2011

Card Classes

We have been taking our young interns here at The Pleasant Times through a card class.  We are going through the book, "Rubber Stamp Celebrations" from Personal Stamp Exchange, and trying out different cards to learn different techniques.
Here are the results from the first class. The techniques learned were using torn paper, layering papers, coordinating prints and colors, and choosing themes. Coordinating envelopes were made for each card.
This student's card, and the one in the top photo, use a scrapbook paper of an old map to set off the images they chose.
A gazebo in a garden is rubber stamped and colored on the front of this card.
 This student chose a water theme (those are huge fish on the background papers!).
These cards are made with scrapbook papers as the centerpieces, with rubber stamps as accents.

The cards were used as thank-you notes after Christmas. These classes also help the teacher use her much-neglected rubber stamps.
Below are some of the class attempts at pop-up cards (I have since seen some fantastic examples of these cards from a friend who also has this book, using fabric or stickers for different looks, and placing a patterned background on the card). I am not sure that the class wants to re-visit a pop up card until some more simple ones have been practiced on!
(this one uses clip art from Graphics Fairy for the base, and rubber stamped flowers)
(this is one rubber stamp, done many times and elements cut out of the image and layered)

(This is several rubber stamped images)

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