Friday, February 5, 2010

More Easy Stationery!

A blogger friend, A Quiet, Gracious Life, sent in another idea for easy stationery:
In this sample, open up a Word document (or whatever program you use) and insert an image. Center it, and then type your name and address underneath! You can also print out envelopes to match.

Isn't it pretty?

I was thinking after that last post, what if someone doesn't have a printer, or wants to conserve ink? What if someone needs to write a quick note and wishes to do it on fancy stationery? How could they make very quick and easy stationery, with plain paper? Here are some ideas....
Fold paper in half, then half again:
Cut a heart from the folded edge:
Now cut a wavy design to the edge of the paper:

Open it up, and you have a pretty valentine design.
Here is another idea gleaned from paper snow-flakes- fold the top 1/2 inch of the paper down:
Cut out shapes in the fold, such as diamonds and flowers:
Unfolded it looks like this (this is a partial design; of course you would do this all across the top of the page):
With a regular hole-punch and a small hole-punch, you can make some fun stationery. Here is a zig-zag design:
Cut a wavy edge :
You can get creative with the holes, and the shape of the edges:
You can do it at both ends, if you like:
And lastly, use the hole-punch to make a place to weave in ribbon, secure the ribbon in the back:
Or you can tie it in the front center:
Anyone with scrapbooking or craft supplies can use decorative edge scissors, punches, and perhaps prettier paper (this is just plain printer paper) to make quick stationery.

Blurry Photos by Miss. N.O. Phocus, The Pleasant Times Photographer. Top Photos (the clear ones) by A Quiet Gracious Life.
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