Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Special Tea

A special Birthday Tea for a very special person.
The challenge: to decorate those long narrow tables usually found in meeting halls for a tea party.
The solution: someone suggested we put them all together, and have the guests at one big table:
The tables were covered in pink tablecloths, then a lace tablecloth was put spread out in the middle of the table.

Candlelight was used to create sparkle and a relaxing ambiance, and we opted to use the natural light coming in the windows, instead of the overhead tube fluorescent lights.
Various new and antique fine china teacups and saucers were placed by a small plate at each place.

The tea menu:
Basil Chicken Sandwiches on Sweet Brown Bread
Sliced Fruit
Ruby Tea Biscuits from the Anne of Green Gables Cookbook, filled with elderberry jam and topped with whipped cream
Assorted Chocolate Cookies
The food was arranged on oval plates and placed between every two guests on the table, so that no one would have to be passing plates. It was decided not to use tiered serving pieces, as they sometimes block the view of the guests.
The centerpiece was placed on two yards of sequined fabric bunched in the center of the table.

The local grocery store floral department had a bouquet we liked, but not in the right colors. The florist there was happy to custom-make a rose bouquet for us in the same vase and for the same price, with our colors. The bouquet went home with the guest of honor.

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