Thursday, March 12, 2009

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The Editor has been looking at this beautiful bay every morning in February. She was sorry to have to leave it when March rolled around. 

Mrs. S. hosted a ladies' luncheon at her home last week. The ladies in attendance enjoyed each other's company, and the tea of course. 

The Misses S. and their Mother brought a green-themed St. Patrick's Day tea to Mrs. H's house last week. Shamrocks were everywhere, and the girls dressed in green. A pleasant time was had by all. 

In the pioneer days, the women that lived deep in the woods would have been afraid that a bear might be out in a tree in their back yard. Nowadays there are certain women in the neighborhood who are afraid that a bear might be out in a tree in their back yard, hanging there to be processed into bear jerky and bear sausage. There are some women who do not wish to eat bear, but some men who think it would be a great treat. Fortunately some men did not shoot their bear this year. 

There are so many computerized things in these modern times, that you rarely get a live telemarketer on the phone anymore. And the computers that tell you they will remove your phone number if you press 3, are lying. 

When we got our new hymn book at church, we were disappointed to find some of our old favorites left out. It is nice to have the new songs, but we did not want to forget the others. So the song leader sings out of both the old and new books. If we pay attention, we might be able to make this work! "Number 17 in the red books. Number 1,100 in the blue books"
Here are some that were in our old books: 

By the way, this is a good site for printing off old hymns. 

The Editor has learned Fingerloop braiding. She says it is serious fun. 

It is said of George Washington, "No company ever withheld him from church." Whenever he had company on Sunday morning, "...instead of staying at home, out of false complaisance to them, he used to constantly invite them to accompany him." (-George Washington the Christian, by Wm. J. Johnson, pg. 56)

Great Uncle Jim said, that there are some folks who start at the bottom and work their way to the top. Then there are some folks who start at the top and work their way to the bottom (He was referring to young folks who bite off more than they can chew when they are "just starting out."). 

The expression "on tender hooks" comes from the textile industry. It is actually referring to "tenterhooks, " on which fabric was attached and stretched during the manufacturing process. That is why some of the yardage we buy at the fabric store has little holes in the selvege edge. 

-Reported by Lillibeth
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