Monday, May 26, 2008

As it is Memorial Day, I thought I would share some of the verses from Carrie Peterson's Autograph Album. A lot of the verses in the album, and indeed in other autograph albums of the time, had to do with "Remember" ("Forget-Me-Not" was a popular phrase to write, no doubt it came in handy when one was presented with such an album to write in, and one's mind draws a blank!).
Esteemed Friend:
When the lines that I write here
Are dimmed on the page,
And the leaves of your album
are yellow with age:
Still think of me kindly, and do not forget, that wherever you are
I'll remember you yet.
Helen F Krell.
My Dear Carrie,
When the golden sun is setting
And your mind from care is free
When of others you are thinking
Will you sometimes think of me
Always your friend
Julia Clausen
Jan. 11th 1900

Dear Carrie,
Think not though distant that thou art
Thou cans't forgotten be,
While memory lives within my heart
I'll remember thee.
Always your friend,
Salina Hansen
June 2nd [18]'97

Stone Bank March 24/95
These few lines to you are tender
By a friend sincere and true
Hoping but to be remembered
When I'm far away from you.
Your sincere friend,
Annie Peterson

Friend Carrie-:
Remember me now,-
Remember me forever,
And remember the times
we spent together
Your friend,
Emma Petersen

Dear Carrie,
We shall meet again at the last roll call
Ole Anderson
Jan 24th 1900

Remember your friend
Clara Ahrendt
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