Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Editor's Notes

An Update and some links...

I have found a few more quotes and put them in the "hands" article below. One is another needlework sampler poem, and the others are at the end of the article. Unfortunately, the more I edit an article, the more spaces blogger seems to insert in places I don't want them! Has anyone figured out a way to fix that?

I have been enjoying browsing the Pioneer Thinking site for recipes--not for things to eat but for things like making your own shampoo! I do not know why I have not run across this site before in all my "how to make your own..." internet searches. Many of the recipes are so simple, some just two ingredients, and are things that you wouldn't think you could make on your own, like hairspray!

A beautiful sewing room can be found at Quaint and Quirky, I really liked the fabric-covered idea boards. Not only is it a place to display your inspirations, but a place to display favorite fabric, which often can be an inspiration itself.

I hope everyone is having a nice day-- we are having a blast of a spring storm!
-The Editor
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