Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fruit of the Spirit Booklet for Young Ladies

Here is a lovely idea for a Young Lady or for a Bible Class.

Our Craft Editor sat down one evening to make a little booklet, with hidden surprises and flaps and pictures, and with quite a lot of teaching, for a young lady of her acquaintance. This project can be done very easily with What You Have On Hand, as you will see in this example. Crayons were used for the illustrations, and the text is handwritten. Stickers and papers were used from the scrapbook or stationery stash. This is simply a piece of paper folded over, but could be made with more than one page for a real "book" if you felt inspired and extra-creative! More 3-d type things could be added, or left rather flat the booklet would easily be mailed to a friend.

Above we see the cover of the booklet, illustrated, with the Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22) written out.

The inside of the booklet with stickers and pictures, some printed (or cut from a magazine) and some hand-drawn.

As you see above, a flap folds out to reveal a scripture, and the envelope holds another note under the title of "Things to Remember Every Day."

Here we see a list of the Things to Remember: "Do something for someone else; Take care of all your belongings; Be cheerful even when things go wrong; Dress your best; Be clean; Speak kindly; Create something; Learn a verse from the Bible."

Above is the back of the booklet. There is a flap entitled "Make a Proper Pot of Tea" (with a tea set picture cut from a catalog) and a pocket holding some "Be Creative" project.

Behold, proper tea brewing instructions!

And here we see another small flap over a scripture, and the Creative project is a small, easy-to-do craft purse.

The little purse is included as an example, and holds note paper; the yellow purse is a pattern to trace so that the recipient can make some for her friends.

When given, the booklet included a small, rolled-up paper "scroll" tied with a ribbon and fastened to the cover, which held a personal letter. The booklet was hand-delivered.

I hope this little project will inspire my readers to try their hand at their own teaching or friendship booklets!
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