Monday, August 20, 2007

Advertisement- On My Bookshelf

85088X: Princess Ka'iulani: Hope of a Nation, Heart of a PeoplePrincess Ka'iulani: Hope of a Nation, Heart of a People

By Sharon Linnea / Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

"On March 1, 1893, Princess Kaulani, the seventeen-year-old crown princess of Hawaii, stepped onto the pier at New York City. She was greeted by a crowd of reporters and onlookers who knew that, in many ways, she stood at a crossroads in history. Fully aware of the significance of her visit, she prayed that she could help persuade the American government to return her beautiful islands to the Hawaiian people."

Yes, even The Pleasant Times must have an advertisement once in a while. I enjoyed this book very much, it excited my interest in Hawaii and its history. I appreciated seeing the many photographs (which I like in history books) that brought the story of Princess Ka'ulani to life. I found the story of this young woman to be an inspiring example of courage-- there are big things going on in the world that we cannot control, but as feeble as we may seem, we should try to do something rather than nothing, and use what we have to influence others to do right.
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