Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thatched Roofs the latest earth-friendly trend???

Item #: 2078446

With all of today's emphasis on being environmentally sensitive when building a house, I would like to explore the lovely thought of the English Cottage, particularly an element of it, the Thatched Roof. Did you know that a Reed thatched roof can last up to 70 years? Thatched roofs are also good insulators, and don't blow off in a storm. And think about how smart it would be to use a roofing material that you can grow every year, and after you are done with it and need to replace it (if you live long enough to outlast the roof) you can just compost it!

My budding reader was learning the spelling of the word "catch" and I put some more on the list. "hatch, patch, latch, thatch." Of course we had to go find out what thatch meant, and find some pictures of thatched roofs. That is what led me to this site:

I also thought the artistry on each roof was interesting.
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