Tuesday, October 19, 2021

And Then There Was Nancy

Our construction process slowed down quite a bit in the Autumn of that year. First there was the new baby come into our lives, and then there was Nancy. 

Nancy did not want us to spend another winter in the RV, since we had a new baby and all, so she invited us to spend the winter with her. Normally I would not have accepted that, but after a long labor I was done being the "brave pioneer Mama" and just wanted a nice big recliner in a warm house! Besides that, my entire family was ready for a break and looked forward to spending more time with Nancy.

So we moved to town to stay with Nancy and waited for the upcoming hard winter.

It seemed strange to me that a single woman would invite a big family like ours to live with her, move our stuff in, take over the kitchen, nay, even urge us to give the RV back instead of keeping up the rental payment (which meant that essentially we had no place to go back to!). 

It soon became apparent what was going on... 


I guess inviting an entire family to stay was a lot easier than kidnapping the baby.


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lahbluebonnet said...

Awww! How sweet, all the way around!
Congratulations on your newest!

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